You know how every now and then, you get an intuitive nudge to do something that seems completely random? And then, upon doing so, you seem to happen upon a paradigm-shift? I do.

Personally, I see this as a type of grace. Once you follow that subtle inner voice, it almost feels like you were able to transcend where you were (mentally or emotionally) only moments before.

Life is like that, it seems to me. It's not always the loudest moments or grandest experiences, but the seemingly tiniest thought-shifts, choices we make, and smallest steps we take that shape our lives--from the inside out.

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In our day to day lives, we are so often called upon to live in "logic mode." Granted, I'm a huge fan of logic and reason and if we engaged in this way more often the world would be a better place.

BUT. I believe in a balance. We need intuition. It shows us the other side of an issue. Provides a solution where we may not have seen one before. It can soften the straight edges of our modern world. In that way, intuition is practical. There's a "logic" to it, if you will.

(Guys, you have intuition, too. So don't tune this out because you assume this applies to women only. That dualistic notion can be damaging, so fling it out. ;))

So the issue with operating in logic mode most of the time? It can make it harder to allow intuition to flow. Perhaps because when we're operating out of an intuitive place, we can feel more vulnerable. The heart is exposed and that can make me feel...littler. Especially in a world that can can be so hard.

Yes, be reasonable. Be logical. These enable us to deal realistically with what we already know and see in our daily lives. But let intuition in, too. It helps us discover, broaden our focus, and take a birds' eye view and look around at where are in the grand scheme, or whatever.

But here's what I've found: When I let my intuition flow a bit more and stand there, even if I feel vulnerable, I discover more. More about me, the world, joy, pain, realizations, hard truths, sweet truths, ideas--you name it.

You know what else I've found? Often when I'm standing there, feeling vulnerable and alone, I often run across people who have felt or seen or experienced something I've shared. It can be freeing and illuminating for you and for others. One of the greatest joys I've found about standing there alone, is that I'm not alone.

You're not either. 

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