Trader Joe's has developed sort of a cult following over the years even though it is not widely available across the U.S.

The California-based chain currently has more than 500 stores throughout the country where it sells groceries including its own private label products for significant less than comparable name-brands.

Even with hundreds of stores and a growing fan base, Trader Joe's has yet to break into every region of the U.S. There is a way, however, that you might be able to convince company execs to open a location near you.

How To Request A Trader Joe's Store

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Trader Joe's wants to hear from you, at least that's what the chain wants you to think when you visit its website.

The "contact us" section at contains a submission form titled "Request a Trader Joe's in My City." Those clamoring for the store to open in their town can submit their contact info along with a few comments (there's a 700-character limit) about why the brand needs to consider a nearby location.

"There are no guarantees, but being wanted matters to us," Trader Joe's shares on the form.

In case you're wondering, Trader Joe's says it does read the submissions that come through the online request form.

What Happens To Trader Joe's Request Form Submissions?

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While there are thousands of requests made via the form at, they are only one of several factors that influence the company's decision when it comes to locations for future stores.

10 News In San Diego mentioned the FOMO (fear of missing out) that surrounds the Trader Joe's brand when a trend hits social media and there isn't a nearby store. The TV station cited an episode of Trader Joe's official podcast as an indicator of what it takes to get a store opened in your city.

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In the episode, Trader Joe's senior vice president of real estate and construction, Tracy Anderson, says the company bases its future store plans on customer feedback. The conversation about demand, however, doesn't end there.

"We look at current stores where things are really hot," Anderson says during the podcast episode. "We look at accessibility, visibility, parking and square footage."

In other words, maybe mention some of those possible factors when forming the comments that accompany your online request.

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