Arizona got the number one spot on the top 10 deadliest national parks list but Texas made the list as well ... TWICE.

National Parks are wonderful places, great for family fun and adventure and they're scattered all over the United States of America so, there's probably one relatively close. In 2024, you may be able to visit one for free. 

El Paso has a national monument, one of the USA's biggest state parks, (a visit to which could kill you), and we're close to national parks. Yep, both the deadly ones.

Grand Canyon National Park came in first as far as the USA's deadliest national parks list went. Thanks, in part, to it being the most visited national park in the country. Seems there's safety AND danger in numbers.

KÜHL says Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona took the top spot, with 1 in 503,000 people being at risk of dying there. -

As for Texas, the odds of dying in our national parks is a bit lower but you have 2 different parks to die in ... errr, make that choose from. That sounds a little better.

#6 is Big Bend National Park, located a couple of hours east of El Paso. A relatively short and super easy drive takes you to one of west Texas' most scenic areas. It may be one of the nations deadliest parks but it has also been ranked as one of the best.

#9 is Guadalupe Mountains National Park, practically right next door to Big Bend. It, (along with #9), was recently in the news for a good reason when lost hikers were found.

Guadalupe National Park is also home to Guadalupe Peak, which is the highest peak in Texas. I'm told it's a beautiful hike and I'll go along with that.

Finding out for myself would pull me too far from my comfort zone. In a hammock. Next to the beer cooler.

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