Did Drake just confirm he actually was detained by Swedish police?

Tonight (Dec. 31), Drake took to Instagram to share one of his semi-frequent carousel posts. Included in this round on content was a video on the second slide that appeared to show himself being detained by police while in Sweden. Although you can't full see the face of the person being escorted by officers, it can be assumed that it's Drake based off the hair and slight vision of facial hair.

You can see the video at the bottom of this story, in the second slide of Drake's Instagram post.

On July 14, rumors began to circulate on social media that Drake had been arrested in Sweden, along with his security, due to being in possession of marijuana. "Free Drake" began trending on Twitter shortly thereafter.

A rep for Drizzy eventually confirmed to XXL that the rap star had not been arrested.

However, the Her Loss rapper took to Instagram a few days after the rumors to post a photo of a letter allegedly from the Public Prosecutor’s Office for Sweden’s National Police Board. The paper noted a number of things, including that the recipient had been detained after being suspected of a crime.

Since then, however, nothing further on the situation has been detailed and everyone had seemed to have moved on. Still, Drake apparently wanted to remind everyone before 2022 was over that he actually did have a run-in with the law this year.

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