It was an eye opening edition of 'First World Problem' this morning on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

It's the segment of the show when the cast opens up the phone lines to give you an outlet to let it all out about those things you want to complain about but may feel a little bit guilty of doing it because you appear 'privileged'! The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show refers to them as First World Problems!

In this morning's edition KiddNation hears about someone's whose tub is just too big because the water won't stay hot enough long enough to fill it up! Then someone complains about a Groupon offer that lead to the cast talking about one of the biggest blow ups the show has ever had between Kellie, Big Al and the late Kidd Kraddick.

Then there's the boat fact that made J-Si rethink about ever diving in to lake water again! See what the revelation was all about and his priceless reaction in the best of video clip below along with the other revealed problems in the best of audio segment that follows.

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