I've always hear that if you're terrified of any kind of public speaking and you want to get over it all you have to do is imagine that your audience is naked.  I can tell you , it doesn't always work.

As the show takes a look back during some best of moments from 2020 here's one J-Si is not going to live down.

It's been happening on Zoom calls across the nation and now its' happened on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

The show was broadcasting from home again and Part Time Justin caught something with his very keen eye while monitoring the feeds coming in on Zoom while doing the show.

During New Music Friday, Part Time Justin had a question for J-Si after noticing something, "J-Si, are you wearing pants?", he questioned. What followed was rather awkward and funny to watch at the same time as it all unfolded live on the show. For the first time it seems as if J-SI is embarrassed by his decision to do the show in his birthday suit! He didn't say anything to anyone about doing it, but when he made a move to cover up the camera lens, he didn't cover it all and that's when Justin noticed it. Big Al caught it too, but didn't say anything.

Learning about what is going on in J-Si's house has some one the show feeling dirty! Watch it all unfold along with J-Si's reaction in the following best of video.

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