Just about every vacation has an awkward moment and one happened to J-Si and members of KiddNation.

J-Si went back to Florida for vacation, after spending the previous week in Florida on the show's 'Family Vacation' (must be nice!), well, while on this vacation he had a very awkward moment while at a club in Miami.

Other cast members of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show had awkward moments while on vacation too. After vacationing in Mexico, one cast member of the show learned about Montezuma's revenge the hard way and ended up getting a shot in the butt in the room by an extremely good looking doctor ! All this talk led the cast to opening the phone lines up to members of KiddNation who shared awkward moments from their vacation. One member talked about a situation with a couples message! Find out how this one ended in today's best of audio clip.

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