Whether you’re a huge sports fan in Texas or don’t like sports at all, everyone knows the name Mahomes. For most people it’s all about Patrick Mahomes and his professional success as he is the franchise Quarterback for the Super Bowl Champion, Kansas City Chiefs. But unfortunately, when it comes to his little brother, Jackson Mahomes, it seems like when his name is brought up, it’s normally for some negative reason.  

Jackson Mahomes with Randi Mahomes
Photo Courtesy of Randi Mahomes

Let me be the first to admit that I don’t know Jackson, and I will also admit that I have seen some of the mistakes he has made. But it’s so easy to point out what other people do wrong. So many people want to point out the mistakes this guy has made but recently he did something amazing, but no one wants to share that information. Which is exactly why I wanted to post about it.  

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Jackson Mahomes Steps Up Big at Chiefs Parade Shooting 

Jackson is currently 23 years old, we all made mistakes in our young 20’s, but he did something recently that would make his family proud. We all heard about the horrible news about the shooting that took place during the Super Bowl parade to celebrate the Chiefs win. But most people didn’t hear that after the shots were fired Jackson was helping a child who lost his parents during the chaotic situation.  

Remember There is Positive Stuff Jackson Mahomes is Doing 

Again, there are always going to be people that want to point out the negative but there is also lots of positive stuff that never gets the same publicity.  

Pictures from Super Bowl LVIII Thanks to Randi Mahomes

Randi Mahomes is the mother of NFL Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and she shared some of her photos with us from Super Bowl LVIII.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

Inside Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Insane Shoe Closet

Gallery Credit: Bleacher Report via YouTube

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