'Saturday Night Live' didn't waste any time getting to the jokes about the Jay Z vs. Solange elevator fight incident, as the show opened with a fake family sketch starring 'SNL' cast members and a surprise guest star.

Jay Pharoah (Jay Z), Sasheer Zamata (Solange) and Keenan Thompson (Bodyguard) hilariously skewer the fight by claiming that they're united as a family. But whenever Solange makes a move, the pair's bodyguard seemingly takes precautions to intervene between her and Jay Z before anything happens. He's even seen holding back laughter a few times as the fake Jay Z and Solange offer claims that they are cordial and never fight.

They then provide their version of events of what happened that night by showing the real life elevator video footage with the (fake) audio turned on. Afterwards, former cast member Maya Rudolph appears as Beyonce and hilariously imitates her with some choice lyrics from Bey's past.

It's definitely a sketch worth watching if you've been following all of the drama amongst the Knowles sisters and Jay Z. Click on the video below to check it out.