Jay Z has accomplished a lot with his career. He's on track to beat the Beatles record for most No.1 albums, but maybe he thought there was something slowing down his progress. That dang hyphen! It's messin' with Hov's flow! So that's why Jay Z is dropping that pesky punctuation from his name.

The news broke via Twitter (where else?) alleging that Jay Z's label was not too keen on his hyphenated namesake.

Jay Z himself has yet to confirm this news, though we have reason to believe it's true. Hov's website Life+Times is currently stylizing his name as 'JAY Z.' Maybe his wifey will pick up his leftover hyphen and change her name to Bey-once.

We're guessing it just makes things like autographing and typing his namesake easier. The time it takes to write and type those hypens is really cramping his style. Time is money gosh darnit! You can take your punctuation and shove it!

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