Jeopardy fans remember the name Ken Jennings pretty easily, he's long been the reigning champ when it comes earnings and winning streak.

Jennings held a 74-game winning streak, while racking up $2.5 million in winnings. In comparison, Holzhauer has won $697,787 in 10 episodes.

His approach to the game is quite different. He's working his way from the bottom of the board up going for the higher prizes first, and gambling more money on the daily doubles than most contestants.

"He's thinking about the game in a whole different way, and I never would've had the stomach to make some of those bets he's making,'' Ken Jennings, a "Jeopardy!" legend, told Natalie Morales on TODAY Thursday.

He's betting differently than previous contestants as he's set the record now four times for the highest single day total in winnings. According to Today, he 'turned in the "Jeopardy!" version of a perfect game by giving the correct questions as answers to all 41 responses he fielded.'

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