The saga between Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and former coach Jimmy Johnson has been well documented over the years with the friendship recently rekindled. That friendship is even stronger than anyone imagined with the Hall of Fame coach proclaiming that he is "back in the fold" with ''America's Team''.

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In an interview with WXAM AM in Miami, Jimmy Johnson was asked about his relationship with Jerry and the team.

Since the Ring of Honor, I am on his advisory board now," Johnson said in the interview. "We were talking on the phone. I talked to him about an hour after his Green Bay loss, and he was talking about what all he needed to do because he had big decisions on Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn and Dak Prescott. Everything is hunky dory now. I am back in the fold with the Cowboys. (<a href="" target="_blank">via WXAM</a>)

Is this the first step in a process to get Jimmy back as the head coach of the Cowboys? Should current head coach Mike McCarthy be super worried about the next season? How far will these consultations go? Can he now fire Jerry Jones?

I have so many questions.

Regardless of future intentions, it appears that Jimmy is indeed 'back in the fold' according to his words. It just remains to be seen as to the capacity of his new unofficial role with America's Team.

As a Cowboys fan, I would love to see Jimmy come back not only as an advisor or consultant, but maybe take back what is rightfully his, and that's as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys.

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