Texas is probably better known for our large cities than tiny towns. Being the second largest state in size and population, everything being bigger in Texas is more than just a saying. As such three cities in the Lone Star State were recently named Top 100 in the world, with Houston, TX ranking higher than both Austin and Dallas, TX.

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But what about our smaller towns in The Lone Star State? We all understand that there's just something special about small towns, there's a spirit and charm to them that just hits differently from their larger counterparts.

Far and Wide recently put the smallest U.S. town on center stage to show folks some of the best our country has. "It’s here where you’ll find people who welcome you like family, in addition to some of the most astonishing landscapes in the U.S."

And while many of us think that Texas is worthy of a few more spots on their list, it was nice to see them spotlight Dripping Springs, TX at No. 70. Here's what they said about the tiny town west of Austin:

Population: 4,650

Where to stay: The Alexander at Creek Road  

Why it’s a great small town: Dripping Springs is the rural Texas getaway you never knew you needed. Ranches dot the expansive prairies, intertwining with vineyards and creating a Texas that rarely gets publicity.

Fun fact: The gorgeous Hamilton Pool Preserve is a natural pool that’s perfect for cooling off.

There ya go. You many need to sneak in a weekend getaway before school starts back up. Speaking of getaways, another site ranked the best vacation destinations in the US, and Houston and San Antonio made that list. Find out more about that here.

These are Apparently the Top 20 Worst Places to Live in Texas

Well in this case things including crime rate, or vicinity to crime; some may be close worse neighborhoods or adjacent cities. Also the rate of natural disasters was taken into consideration. Hurricanes are not something that'd land on the "pro" side of your pro/con list. Flooding would likely fall on the con side too.

To help you know the places you may want to avoid, or for a list to throw in the face of your cousin who lives in Lubbock, here are the 20 worst places to live:

$215,500 in Combined Reward Money Offered for These 46 Texas Fugitives

Men with warrants in Lufkin and Henderson County are among the 46 fugitives wanted by Texas Department of Public Safety. 

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