Justin Bieber just put Charlie Puth on blast for the time the "Attention" singer cursed him out during a performance.

In case you weren't aware, in 2016 Puth shouted out "f--k you, Justin Bieber" during a performance of his Selena Gomez collab "We Don't Talk Anymore."

Revisit the moment below:

Six years later, Bieber got his sweet revenge.

The Purpose star uploaded a video to Instagram in which he playfully calls Puth out over FaceTime.

In it, a person who appears to be Bieber's "STAY" collaborator The Kid LAROI FaceTimes Puth and hands the phone over. After quick introductions, the conversation rapidly gets serious.

"Bro, we never really got to talk about just like years ago when you said 'f--k you' on stage to me," Bieber says in a stoic tone.

"I don't think it's very funny to be honest," he adds when Puth laughs. Bieber tells him that it hurt his feelings.

Puth, meanwhile, clarifies that they are talking about a moment from long in the past.

"That wasn't real. That was like a f---ing thing that got completely blown out of proportion," Puth explains. The singer adds that he was being "facetious" and "completely sarcastic" when he said it.

Bieber continues to prod — and it gets a little awkward for a moment.

"I also can't tell if you're joking right now," Puth says, just moments before Bieber finally breaks and starts laughing.

Based on that, we're going to guess that there is no bad blood between these two!

Watch Bieber's video below:

"You know you had it coming," Bieber captioned the video, which has received nearly 1.6 million views at the time of publishing.

It also received attention from some of the hit-maker's famous friends who sounded off in the comments section.

Chance the Rapper proclaimed that he was "in tears" and shared several laughing emojis.

"Game. Set. Match," Benny Blanco wrote.

For what it's worth, Teen Vogue notes that Puth apologized for the comment in 2016 and 2017.

"There might have been a lot of emotion that night, a lot of thoughts going through my head and maybe just, sort of, maybe I shouldn’t have said that," Puth said at the time. "It’s not really fair to him."

He added that they'd eased things over with a "handshake." Apparently all it took to make things right was a handshake and a viral practical joke.

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