The May issue of Seventeen features the one and only Justin Bieber gracing the cover. The Biebs, 18, is facing sideways in a head shot, suitable for framing, with the famed Bieber bangs slightly swooping over his forehead. He also offers a sweet, yet coy grin. It’s a classic and quintessential shot of the teen. Most of the mag’s subscriber base and readership wishes The Biebs was their ‘Boyfriend.’

Bieber was shot in musical poses, playing with drumsticks and singing into a mic. He is also featured casually, in a flannel and a bomber coat. Talented and stylish — that’s our Biebs.

Some choice topics Bieber addresses in the feature include his relationship with his fans as he gets older and his music evolves. The teen is about universality and opening his arms to all factions of fans. He said, “A lot of times, when artists grow older, they lose their younger fans because they’re just trying to get older fans. But if you try to make good music, then you’ll just appease everybody. I just want to make music that’s good for everybody.”

His girlfriend Selena Gomez was also a topic of convo, with the ever-romantic teen saying, “I’m just trying to make her happy, that’s all. I think it’s important to make all women feel like they’re princesses, because every girl is a princess. I’m serious.” Quick, someone get Sel a tiara.

As for his greatest fear? It involves loss of those he loves. “Losing a family member is my biggest fear. I’ve never lost anyone, so I don’t know what the feeling would be. It would just be scary,” he said. That’s something we can all relate to.

In the behind-the-scenes vid from the shoot, he talks about his own personal style and says he prefers to wear black, white and gray when in street clothes, and that purple is more for his performance attire. But what does The Biebs want to see you in, ladies? “On a girl, I like to see stuff that is sexy but not trashy, something short, but not too short,” he said.

Did sales of “short but not too short” skirts just skyrocket at the mall?

Watch Justin Bieber Behind-the-Scenes at Seventeen Shoot