It all comes down to the final contest to see who's going to walk away with producer Trey's paycheck.

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It all began five weeks ago when producer Trey proclaimed to know just about all there is to know about the TV show 'Friends'. So he put his paycheck on the line for the Friends Trivia Challenge.

On the very first episode of the game, Trey looses his paycheck to Brian! Trey didn't even make it past round one of his own contest. Brian has to go on and be the last person standing after five weeks to win Trey's check. Well, Brian has gone on to defeat three other KiddNation members. Today, it all came down to round five. The final contest featuring Brian and contestant Taryn and who ever comes out on top wins.

We will tell you right now that it is an extremely close game, but who walks the winner? And how much is Trey's paycheck anyway? Was this whole contest worth it?

Get all of those questions answered in the final episode of Friends Trivia Challenge from The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show.

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