KiddNation is truly a community of caring people looking out for one another.

Throughout the course of the morning show that airs weekday mornings here on Mix 93-1, the show has gone through a couple of name changes, after losing the host for whom the show is named after, and has kind of morphed into a new 'nation'. Starting out as 'Kidd Kraddick In The Morning' and then changing to 'The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show' after Kidd Kraddick's death and now the show has adopted the secondary name of KiddNation.

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KiddNation is made up of a group of listeners that are very caring and look out for each other and help out where they can. For the last few weeks the morning show has been conducting a contest called 'Wants and Needs'. Simply you would log on to the KiddNation website, tell them something you really wanted and then something you really needed. Then weekday mornings at 7:40 and 8:40 they would call out three names and the first one to call back would play the game.

Producer Nick would spin a wheel to see if you won your want, your need or both. Well Thursday morning Denise was listening and ended up winner her need, which were brakes and rotors for her car. After winning, she was talking to producer Trey and ended up telling her a story and he relayed it back to the cast and they wanted to hear her tell her moving story about a friend that recently passed away and how it tied in to the contest.

What Denise didn't know is that she was about to be surprised by a member of KiddNation. Watch the following video and listen to this story and what KiddNation member Christian did for Denise.

Listen to "KiddNation Members Helping Out Each Other!" on Spreaker.

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