Even though it sounds really gross, earlier today I tried to order Kraft Macaroni & Cheese flavored ice cream from the Brooklyn, New York-based company called Van Leeuwen. Unfortunately, I couldn't even place my order because it sold out in minutes. The same thing happened earlier this summer when I tried to order some but it too sold out in less than an hour. I had no idea there was such a high demand for something that sounds so disgusting.

The reason I wanted to try it was because I like to try weird things and I heard that it tasted kind of like sherbert and who doesn't love that, right? Okay, I also wanted it because I thought it would be fun to have around the house when friends come over. I mean, no one ever has Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Ice Cream in their freezer.

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According to MLive, Amy McCarthy of Eater gave a review of the ice cream and she said she was hooked.

Upon taking the first bite, I was hooked. Half of the pint had disappeared by the time I looked up, and I have no regrets. The cheese powder combines with Van Leeuwen’s rich base, made with milk, cream, and sugar, to produce a buttery flavor that’s only slightly cheesy. It doesn’t exactly evoke a bowl of macaroni and cheese in terms of texture, thankfully, but the flavor is strikingly similar.

Well, I guess I'll just have to take her word for it or wait until they make another run of it which probably won't be until next summer and again, I bet it will sell out before I can ever order it.

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