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Say Goodbye to Very Cavallari

Reality star Kristin Cavallari has announced the end of her E! Network reality show. The announcement comes after her split from ex-husband Jay Cutler. See her announcement below:

How the Kardashians Are Keeping Up During Quarantine

Pandemic be darned, the Kardashians will not be leaving our television screens any time soon. The family will have, at the least, two full length episodes to add onto Season 18. The remainder of the currently airing season will be compiled using joint footage the Kardashian-Jenner family has filmed over the past few months.

Executive producer Farnaz Farjam hired a photographer and technician who, safely wearing hazmat suits, went into Kim and Khole Kardashian’s homes to set up the familiar confessional lighting. Each Monday, a member of the KUWTK crew drops off a new iPhone to the family’s separate security teams and swaps the old phone from the previous week. Each family member films about 15 hours of their lives in quarantine, like their family Zoom dinners. There will also be an inside look into how Khloe and ex Tristan Thompson are co-parenting their daughter True at home. (via People)

Carbs Are Overtaking Exercise Amid the Pandemic

During the pandemic, 2/3 of Americans say they are laying off on their mental and physical well being. 65% of people say that they are letting themselves go and taking a break from their fitness routine and goals. In addition, 50% say that their summer body goals are practically non-existent. Of the 2,000 Americans that participated in a survey and who vigorously exercised pre-COVID-19, 2/3 say that the pandemic has shown them that having a fitness routine is not the most important thing in their life. Research reveals that Americans have also been consuming more carbohydrates such as bread, pasta and other snacks. (via People)

Lorde Teases New Music After Three-Year Hiatus

After taking a three year break following the release of her second album and delaying the release of her third record back in November, Lorde finally gave fans a music update. In an e-mail sent to her fans, she also talked about real life issues like stage fright and the idea of stability. Lorde has since deactivated her Instagram account after the announcement of L3, her new album. (via USA Today)

Your Instagram Mask Selfies Could Be Used To Develop Face Recognition Tools

Could face mask selfies on social media be used for facial recognition features on your smartphone? The answer is... in development. A company called Workaround is developing a new way to have face masks be used in the facial recognition tool on smartphones. (via CNET)

Daniel Silva of Ink Master Charged With Murder

Ink Master's Daniel Silva has been charged with murder after being involved in a car accident that killed YouTube star Corey La Barrie. Silva was charged with one count of second degree murder after he was arrested for murder earlier this month. (via TMZ)

Trailer for the Final Season of 13 Reasons Why Is Here

The final season of Netflix's teen drama has arrived. The final season of 13 Reasons Why will debut on June 5 and will focus on the Liberty High students preparing for their life after high school and navigating how their past will affect their future. Watch the trailer below.

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