A peacock being used as a support animal was denied boarding a passenger plane at Newark Airport Saturday.

I understand that some people need support animals to help them cope through certain issues, but sometimes people take it to the extreme! A passenger on United Airlines flight out of Newark International Airport was denied boarding the plane Saturday with her emotional support peacock! Airlines have began to crack down on the use of support animals during flights. According to Live And Let Fly, the passenger even offered to purchase a ticket (seat) for the bird! Passengers in the airport caught the lady walking into the airport with it! The Jet Set posted a picture and video of the peacock upon its arrival on their Facebook page.

Published reports from Fox News says United Airlines confirmed that a peacock was denied boarding the plane Saturday because it 'did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size'. In a statement from the airlines spokeswoman, she said Tuesday, 'We explained this to the customer on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport."

Federal guidelines are in place for airlines to allow certain service animals in plane cabins, especially for the assistance with those passengers that have a disability, regardless if the animal could potentially offend or annoy someone. However, when it comes to other unusual service animals like spiders, snakes, rodents, reptiles, miniature horses, pigs, monkeys and other 'support animals', the airlines have the right to refuse the passenger and animal boarding passes based on the threat to health or safety.

Recently Delta Airlines announced they would be tightening up the restrictions on service animals that will be allowed to board their planes.

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