Dinosaurs are one of the most fascinating creatures that once roamed the Earth.

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There is something about dinos that most people love, and that love started out as a young age.   For some, the Flintstones created a love for dinosaurs, for others it was the Land Before Time, and Jurassic Park, both in the 90s and now.  God forbid, the love of dinosaurs began with Barney, "I Love You, You Love Me."

Whatever it is/was that created a love for dinosaurs, the fact is, Texas was full of these pre-historic animals.   Dinos with big teeth that would eat you, dinos that munched on vegetation, and dinos that flew high in the sky.

It was the Land Before Texas

Believe it or not, Texas is full of fossils of those that lived here before the first Texans donned their cowboy hats and boots.  It's quite possible there is even a pre-historic cow that once lived. We do know that there were pre-historic bison.

If you have ever stepped foot into the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum you will see some of the amazing creatures that once called the Texas Panhandle their home, but did you know throughout Texas many big and small creatures were the original Texans.

According to the Texas Standard, back in 1973 just outside of Austin, Texas, a part of the highway was getting an expansion and as the crews started escalating, something amazing was found.  A pre-historic campground was found complete with spears, firepits, and more.   In 1983 the remains of a pre-historic woman were found, later nicknamed LeAnne, which gave insight into humans in pre-historic times.

Massive Fossils Discovered at Big Bend National Park
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When you begin your journey into Big Bend you'll have a chance to meet a creature that roamed the Earth and waters of Texas, similar to an alligator, but this creature could probably eat you in one bite and still be hungry.

These are just a few of the finds throughout Texas that gives us an insight into the Land Before Texas.

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