I grew up in Lindale, Texas. I graduated from Lindale High School in 1996. I was in the multiple award winning Lindale High School Band under the direction of "Butch" Almany. I was even one of 70 something of us that went to Lindale Independent School District from kindergarten through graduation. So yes, I'm proud to say that I was, and still am to a degree, a Lindale Eagle. In the early Summer, my hometown engaged in a bit of a "war" that brought some fun and smiles to the town.

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It's always fun when there is some friendly competition among friends, co-workers, even businesses. In June, Lindale had some fun with a "war" of sorts, a sign war. It started off with a simple challenge:

Lindale Chamber of Commerce via Facebook
Lindale Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

From there, it spread through downtown Lindale and even into the outskirts of Tyler. The beauty of a sign war is that it never gets ugly, just some fun and very light hearted poking and prodding calling out a neighboring business. That business, in turn, pokes fun at another neighboring business, and so on.

Lindale has grown so much since I graduated 20 plus years ago. There was only a handful of businesses in town then. Now that the population has basically doubled since my 1996 graduation, many businesses and shopping centers have popped up. You can find anything from lumber, to some of the best candy anywhere in the state, to clothing, to great food, to live music and anything in between.

There's a plethora of hidden back roads, too, that I roamed a bit in my younger days. Some of those backroads have grown enough to turn into neighborhoods, including where my parents still live. Keep growing Lindale and keep having fun. This is also a call out to any other East Texas city to start their own sign war.

Check Out Lindale's Sign War

My hometown of Lindale engaged in some shenanigans and gave everyone some smiles with a sign war.

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