Lily Allen is back and she wants to give her fans a little peek as to what's to come!

The British singer-songwriter went on hiatus after her acclaimed 2009 album, 'It's Not Me, It's You,' which was met with success after the single 'The Fear' became an international hit. Since then, Allen and her sister launched their own clothing store titled "Lucy in Disguise." Allen also had two children with husband Sam Cooper.

On May 5, 2014, Allen will be releasing her third album called 'Sheezus' -- the title a nod to Kanye West. She will also be going on tour beginning in April to support the album and its first single, 'Hard Out Here.'

Allen has released a new YouTube video giving her fans a taste of what to expect with her tour coming up. "This time around, I’m married and I've got two children. It’s not a party bus," she tells an interviewer in regards to how she's grown since her last tour.

What do you think fans? Are you excited for a new Lily Allen tour?

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