The kids at Little Elm ISD in Dallas Fort Worth are going to have some extra time having fun in the sun.

ABC 13 reports the first school in the the United States to have 4 recess periods per day. Texas Christian University is spearheading a program called Let’s Inspire Innovation and Kids, or LiiNK.

The LiiNK Project is said to do help with the following  in regard to school and children's behavior:

  • Increase the amount of physical activity/recess in the schools.
  • Create equality across content areas.  Add ethics/character development.
  • Assess students differently.  Less standardized testing.
  • Restructure the school day.  Less hours in the classroom with more time in play/creativity.

The idea is giving kids (4) 15-minute recess breaks through the day - two before lunch and two after. Their goal is to improve non-cognitive factors in children through the combination of increased unstructured outdoor recess and character education training.

The LiiNK Project is set up to help students focus better in class and take away their anxiety and stress throughout the day.  For more information about the LiiNK Program click here.

What do you think? More recess to burn off that Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit in the morning, could get the kids less fidgety in the seats.

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