Redfoo and his nephew, Sky Blu, will be taking their party rocking on solo tours from now on. Redfoo said today the duo will be pursuing other interests personally and professionally, but the partying won't stop even if they're separated.

Redfoo said he is still recording music, but solo-style. When asked if the two would ever record again together, it didn't sound promising -- "We're going in different directions," Redfoo said.

"I think that we naturally just started hanging with two different sets of people, two different crowds, but we're always family," Redfoo told The Associated Press. "He'll always be my nephew, I'll always be his uncle."

As for the style of music? That's never changing.

"All the music that I'm going to make is always going to be LMFAO-ish ... I love all the topics that we talk about," Redfoo said. "I was really passionate about bringing party music to the world, so I will always be making some kind of party music."

LMFAO has been active since 2006 and reached international acclaim with their album 'Sorry for Party Rocking,' which has sold more than 1.4 million albums worldwide.

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