In case it was unclear -- and we can't say we blame him for wanting to doubly confirm, given how out of hand the situation has gotten -- SkyBlu, one half of LMFAO, has reconfirmed that the synth pop party rockers are not breaking up.

Last week's media spiral made it appear that the duo, comprised of Redfoo and SkyBlu, who are uncle and nephew, respectively, had called it quits. But the twosome have moved quickly to quell the rumors and stanch the bleeding.

SkyBlu's statement, released Monday (Sept. 24), read as follows (according to ABC News Radio):

LMFAO has not broken up. My uncle and partner, Redfoo, and I have decided to take some time between albums to explore our own interests in music and other areas in entertainment.

SkyBlu also reaffirmed both his and his uncle's commitment to the mission of party rocking and to LMFAO, saying, "Redfoo and I are Party Rockers for life. We love and respect one another and support each other in everything we do."

PartyRock4Life, yo! Sounds like the twosome needs to get tattoos to prove that they are still an entity.

So get it straight. They are each taking time apart to work on other things, which they are well within their rights to do, but that does not spell the end for LMFAO.

Get it? Got it? Good.

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