Even though the NFL is starring at a possible lockout for next season, the playoff picture for the race to Super Bowl XLV at The Dallas Cowboys Stadium is set. Unfortunately, by the time I get finished explaining my prediction, many readers will have clicked away to look at something else. That's what we get in a society filled with folks with short attention spans.

I will try to keep it brief and simple.

In the AFC playoffs,we have the Indy Colts winning their way into the mix with a win the final week of the regular season.  They will match up against the NY Jets on Saturday for the Wild Card Game.  The game is in Indy and Manning is a robot, so I think that Indianapolis will be moving on to face the Steelers the next week.  The other Wild Card Game is for this weekend in the AFC is a Baltimore/Kansas City matchup.  Even though the Chiefs have been surprisingly good this year, I think the Ravens' defense will shine and they will move on to face New England the next week.  If that happens, the AFC games for week 2 would be Indy @ Pitt and Ravens @ Patriots.

Now for the NFC Wild Card Weekend!   Game 1 is defending Super Bowl Champs, New Orleans versus Seattle.  I take the Saints in this one.  They may have lost their last regular season game, but they did have a good run at the end of the year.  I say Seattle is a "one-and-done" this year.  They were 8-8 this year in the lackluster division with AZ, SF, and St. Loius.  Dallas played better than they did, but will still get a higher draft pick, thanks to a 6-10 record.  Sorry, that's for another post.

In game 2 for the NFC is Green Bay @ Philly.  The Packers are good, but I'm taking the Eagles in this one.  Michael Vick had a little time to rest last week and they have home field advantage.  I know Green Bay is used to playing in the elements, but the Philadelphia fans are not too welcoming.  If that happens, the Eagles will have to travel to Chicago to face the Bears in week 2 of the playoffs

Okay, after Wild Card weekend, I will have had to have picked four games correctly.  This isn't necessarily likely, but I will continue anyway.

Week 2 of the NFL playoffs according to me will goes something like this.  In the NFC, Philly will go to Chicago and go return home losers.  Andy Reid has been great as the coach in Philly and Vick has been magical this year, but I want to go with Da Bears.  They have Lovie Smith from here in East Texas and defense wins championships.  In the other NFC game, the Saints at the Georgia Dome to face the Falcons should be another great game.  Even though Atlanta has a better record, this one could go either way.  I think the Saints and Brees will pack up their gear for the year after this one.  They are the Dirty Birds.  At the end of the weekend, we'll see Da Bears and Dirty Birds fighting it 0ut for the chance to play in Super Bowl XLV in Arlington at Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

Week 2 in the AFC will see the Colts losing at Pittsburgh.  Somehow, the Steelers have just kept on winning games this year and will again.  Yes, Peyton Manning is good and I know he's a robot, but the depth chart for the talent around him isn't going to step up.  The other game will see Baltimore's luck just running out.  That will have a lot to do with having to face Tom Brady in Boston.  Is there another quarterback that you expect to win in the post-season?  I'm not a weatherman, but the weather will likely be poor, which I see as a huge benefit to New England in this one.

So that leaves the New England hosting Pittsburgh for the AFC Championship and Atlanta hosting Chicago for the NFC Championship.

Now let me cut the rest of the story short.  To me, the AFC seems better than the NFC.  I think New England will beat Pittsburgh and then face the Falcons in Super Bowl XLV and win it all.  That's right, I project that the Patriots will take home the Lombardi Trophy this year

This has been one breakdown.  It may be wrong, but you are welcome to post your reply with your ideas.

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