Waffle Shoppes of Texas, commonly referred to as 'The Waffle Shop' in Longview is set to close its doors on Oct. 23. It's time to grab a Texas shaped waffle while you can.

The owners placed an advertisement in a local paper thanking customers for their businesses, and advertising their closing date.“We will miss our loyal customers and the friends we have made along the way, but decided it is time to enjoy our family,” the ad reads.

Located on the corner of Spur 63 and Hwy 80, the business has been there and open for 24 hours for more than three decades. So if you haven't had a waffle in the shape of Texas, your time is running out. Before Oct. 23, go enjoy some breakfast food at any hour of the day and while you're there, you can ponder the following thought...

I might not exist without The Waffle Shoppes of Texas.

In 1980, my parents met in this restaurant. Yep, my mom was sitting in a booth by the payphone... what's that? Visit here. While my dad was waiting to use the phone, and overhearing someone else's conversation, they struck up a conversation.

From what I recall of their re-telling, the person in line to use the payphone mistook my mom for Wonder Woman, at that time played by Linda Carter.

Warner Bros., Getty Images

I don't know know if it was her resemblance to the superhero or the conversation, but that meeting led to another, and another, and then three years later I came along.

I've eaten in this establishment many times over the coarse of my childhood, and into adulthood. I loved their good, greasy breakfast food on demand at any hour. If you get an opportunity go enjoy it while it last. Oct. 23 might sneak up on you.