This is Longview like you would see it if you're a bird or a small plane.  It's an aerial cruise over a city that has seen a bunch of changes over the years, and we bet you'll recognize many of them.

The Longview Economic Development Corporation posted the video on Youtube a few years back.  Since the video was posted in 2014, new subdivisions and stores have popped up, and where there was bare ground there are now new retail outlets, offices, and restaurants.

Brian Aiken travels around to different cities with his drone and waits for good weather days to create the footage, and the EDC said, "he hadn't filmed any communities as rich in industry as Longview."  He said he was overwhelmed with the impressive number of manufacturing and distribution companies in Longview and the video barely skimmed the surface.

Driving by the same scenery every day doesn't help us appreciate it much, but when a drone takes us up above everything it sheds new light on the city and shows us the views we've been missing.  It must be really cool to be a bird.

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