A Longview man sits behind bars in the Gregg County jail after leaving the hospital voluntarily and stealing an ambulance.  According to the Longview News Journal, Daniel Shacklee is now being held without bond on the charges of criminal trespassing charged with theft of property of more than $300,000.

The incident with Shacklee began around 10:34 a.m., according to the News Journal, police responded to a criminal trespassing complaint.  After being confronted by police, an ambulance was dispatched to the scene where he voluntarily agreed to go to the hospital.  While in transport, CBS19 reports, Shacklee jumped out of the back of ambulance and ran into a wooded area.

Once located, Shacklee agreed to go to the hospital when, upon arrival, he refused medical treatment and left the hospital.

After leaving the hospital, he stole a Longview Fire Department ambulance and left.  Police located the stolen ambulance near the intersections of Methvin Street and High Street where he was arrested.

Shacklee was taken back to the hospital for a medical clearance before being taken to the Gregg County Jail.  KLTV 7 reports that Longview police believed that Shacklee was under the influence of some kind of substance, but no drugs were found in his possession.

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