The Longview Animal Shelter is at capacity, if not over, and that means the animals could use our help. Do you have room in your home?

I've got two miniature schnauzers now, and at one point we had four of them. The more the merrier!

Operation Save the Animals is a task force in Longview that has been given 90 days to come up with a plan for the City of Longview to build a new animal shelter. As it stands now, animals are being put down because the current shelter is overcrowded.

The goal for Longview is to build a new shelter by September 2014, because that's when the Humane Society of Northeast Texas says it will stop accepting stray animals from Longview.

While that is worked out, overcrowding problems continue at the current Longview shelter. If you want to save the lives of animals, now is the time to adopt.

Another Free Cat Friday is coming up at the current Longview shelter, where donors pay adoption and vaccination fees for people adopting cats, who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

Look at that face! How can we resist.

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