After performing really well on an online audition for the game show 'Jeopardy', Angela Ward was invited to a live audition and passed the test to appear on the show! Her episode was taped months ago and it's just now hitting the air!

Angela Ward of Longview will be competing (in an already taped episode) on Jeopardy today! A former reporter for the Longview News-Journal, she told the newspaper that she was more nervous at the live audition in Oklahoma City than she was taping the actual show! Angela's episode was taped back in April and while she was preparing to answer the questions Alex Trebek was about to ask her, she thought about her strategy,

like hitting the button quickly and wagering correctly on the daily doubles."

When it comes to her impression of the show's host, she had this to say about him to the Longview News Journal,

He was wonderful. He was very friendly and polite. During commercial (breaks), the audience gets to ask questions, and people asked the same questions over and over, but he would just keep answering the questions coming in. He seems to really enjoy his job."

Being a contestant on the show has been a life long dream, which has now been fulfilled! We will find out how Angela does on the quiz show later today. 'Jeopardy' airs at 11 a.m. on KLTV.

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