We've heard of flash mobs, that pop up suddenly in public places and dance.

Now perhaps East Texas is starting a new trend of song mobs. Those eating dinner inside a Longview Restaurant Saturday night sang a Christmas song together.

It's been on Facebook, and KLTV 7 put the video on their website.

One person started singing, and everyone else around the packed restaurant jumped in, singing O Holy Night together. You'll notice right away that the singers are AWESOME, and you wonder how that could be an impromptu concert. Did Papacito's just luck out, and happen to have amazing singers eating there Saturday Night?

KLTV 7 says the impromptu concert was planned by Calvary Tabernacle Church in Longview, and about 30 members of the choir wanted to do something special for Christmas. They did! Word of the performance is spreading on Youtube and Facebook.

Thanks Calvary Tabernacle for the memorable moment!