Scammers are alive and well in East Texas. It can be as simple as sharing a Facebook post to your friends with a too good to be true offer to as threatening as a phone call saying police are on the way to arrest you if you don't pay up immediately. This scam is not that threatening but does say that you have a warrant out for your arrest and if you don't pay immediately, the warrant won't be cleared. Longview, Texas police are aware of the scam and don't want you to fall for it.

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Scam Going Around Longview

Longview Police were recently made aware of someone calling Longview residents saying they had a warrant for their arrest and needed bank and credit card information to pay the warrant to avoid arrest. This caller is able to make the number appear to be from the Longview Police and identifies himself as a Longview Police officer.

How to Properly Pay a Citation

Longview Police will NOT call you to take care of a warrant. The only ways to pay are by going online at, calling 1-866-299-7085, mailing a payment to Longview Municipal Court, PO BOX 1952, Longview, Texas 75606 or in person at 302 West Cotton Street, Longview, Texas 75601. If you need to make arraignments, you can find those, and other details, at

What to Do if You Have Fallen Victim

If you did receive this call and made a payment through your bank or with your credit card, gift cards or another form of payment, you are asked to contact Longview Police Department at 903-237-1199. Longview Police do not want anyone in their community to fall for this scam.

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