Removed in 2014, the Rollercade car that sat perched high on a pole along Longview's U.S. Highway 259 is getting a make-over!

The iconic roller skate shaped car was a visual landmark in Longview for years and was the focal point in the parking lot for the Rollercade roller skating rink. The skating rink was the epicenter of many of Longview, White Oak, Hallsville and Pine Tree teens' life for many years that hosted quite a few lock in's, couple skates, reverse skates and fast skates!

The car with the Texas license plates of 'U SKATE' had been a Longview icon for more than two decades was removed in 2014 because the property was going to be turned into an office complex. Mandee Montana reported on the skate cars' removal back in 2014 and reported that it would be given a new lease on life and that time has come!

According to a post on the Longview Independent School District's Facebook page, The Automotive Society from LeTourneau University will be assisting the Longview High School Art Club in restoring the Longview icon. At this time there's not a timetable for the restoration or what the plans are for this giant roller skate on wheels!

Once restored maybe it'll show up in Houston's Art Car Parade!

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