Truckers must pay attention to the warning signs above this Longview bridge or pay the consequences!

There is a bridge in downtown Longview that continues to stop truckers in their paths! Casually spanning across Green St. between Cotton St. and Tyler St. is a low clearance bridge. This bridge continually stops some 18 wheelers and high profile delivery trucks in their paths. The City of Longview and the Texas Department of Transportation along with the railroad company have clearly marked this bridge with low clearance signs, no truck signs and flashing lights from poles stretching across all traffic lanes, yet some truck drivers do not head the warnings and get eaten by the bridge!

It happened again just this week! A local delivery driver was stopped in his tracks when his delivery truck got stuck under the bridge that only has a clearance of 11 feet 2 inches going southbound and 11 feet 4 inches northbound! This poor driver was unaware that his truck was over that height and got stuck under the bridge. He then had to call his boss to tell him what happened and then call a tow company!

Longview News-Journal via Facebook

This is not the last time this bridge is going to stop a truck in its' path. It will happen again!

Some in the community have started a petition to get the city to install a scoreboard to warn other drivers of the bridges' potential! At the time of me writing this article there were 661 signatures collected of the 1000 requested.

Then over on the Longview News Journal's Facebook page, these comments were left by Longview citizens:

When you go to Google street view, you can see all the scrape marks that have been left by previous victims!

Google Street View - July 2016

And now there's a official Facebook page dedicated to the Green Street bridge called the Green Street Monster!  There are some pretty funny memes that have been created for this iconic and very sturdy, I might add, East Texas bridge!