If you need 48 acres and a 13,000+ square foot home to spread out in, then you need to hook up with your real estate agent and make an appointment to view this property in northern Longview.

Currently the highest price home for sale in Longview, Emerald Hill Farm is a plantation style home that went on the market a few months ago and is listed for $2,750,000.00. Emerald Hill Farm features manicured landscapes, a private lake, spectacular views, a peach orchard and lots of space for you to explore and soak up nature. If I were to purchase and own this land I'd definitely be making some homemade peach ice cream from the peaches in the orchard!

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The 13,000 square foot home on the property also has a lot of space for exploring because it features six bedrooms, seven full and one half bath, two offices, an exercise room, sunroom, game room, breakfast area, a study and more. With all of these rooms and specialty rooms, I don't think I'd run in to my wife but three times a year! I would have to hire a local lawn maintenance company to maintain the front lawn and some of the acreage though, because it makes me tired just thinking about all the mowing just around the house itself!

This house also has something that I've only seen in office buildings and hotels, an elevator to access the second and third floors! I can see how having this would come in handy, especially when it comes to moving furniture in. I've moved furniture in to a three story apartment before and I know how difficult that is. For everyday use though, I'd be using the stairs for more exercise.

You've gotta check this place out at 1035 N. Wood Lane in Longview, seriously if you're needing more space and acreage.

Longview's Most Expensive Home For Sale, Emerald Hill Farm

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