There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work to get lots of hugs and affection from my two dogs Cooper and Gypsy. They are waiting all day long so they can show me and my wife unconditional love as soon as we walk through the door. I’m not sure that we deserve dogs, but they definitely make life better. Which is why I wanted to show you a list of some of the dogs that are currently up for adoption in Tyler, Texas.  

Here in East Texas like many places across the United Stated we deal with pet over-population, which is another reason why you should adopt instead of shopping for your next dog. Even if there is a specific breed of dog that you want, often times there are rescues dealing with specific breeds, it won’t take much time to connect with one of those groups.  

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More Dogs Available Than Just the Dogs Listed Below 

There are multiple animal rescue groups here in East Texas. The list that I have below showing the dogs that are up for adoption are currently at SPCA of East Texas, their adoption center is located at 3405 ENE Loop 323. The facility is open Tuesday through Saturday and you can always call them at 903-596-7722. 

Remember an Animal Is a Life Long Commitment 

Especially if you’re thinking about getting a pet for the holidays coming up, remember they are a 10+ year commitment. You really are welcoming them into your family, just realize they want to be with you for many years to come. And they will never stop loving you. 

Let’s look at the dogs that are currently on the SPCA website (obviously, these animals could be gone prior to you arriving at the shelter, so move quick).  

Dogs Up For Adoption at SPCA in Tyler, TX

Here is a look at all the dogs that are currently up for adoption.

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