KiddNation's resident love expert is in and giving advice.

If you've ever been in any kind of relationship, you jut how challenging they can be. Some of them take a lot of work while others are effortless. We all wish we could have the effortless ones, but in some cases it just don't work out that way. That's where The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's Kellie Rasberry steps in. Each week Kellie receives quite a few letters from members of KiddNation seeking some kind of help in their relationship.

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Today Kellie is more than a love expert, she's also solving your bedroom problems too with some great advice, because coronavirus has interrupted more than our office life.

Kellie also gives advice to a member on approaching his wife and talking to her about why he thinks she's having an affair. Then someone fell in love with their best friend and is wondering if she should tell him. And another member is wondering how to stop feeling embarrassed when ending their marriage. Kellie dishes advice to these members and others in today's 'Love Letters To Kellie'.

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