KiddNation members are having issues in their relationships and they're turning to Kellie for some advice.

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It's a good thing they're turning to here because Kellie is The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's resident love expert. No matter what the issue is with any relationship, Kellie has some advice on how to make it better or adjust the way you're looking at things.

In today's episode a member of KiddNation tells Kellie that there's been an obvious shift in the marriage since she's lost over 100 pounds. She has noticed that her husband has become more insecure and jealous and it seems that they're constantly bickering. Her husband wants her to be more understanding of his situation but feels like she can't and is turning to Kellie for some advice.

Another member of KiddNation is turning to Kellie for some advice on how to handle his feeling over falling for his ex-girlfriend's friend. He and his ex are still living together because they have a child together. And finally, another member is asking Kellie how to handle her platonic's best friends' advances and how he doesn't want to be platonic any longer.

Kellie gives these members some great advice in the following audio clip.

If you're having an issue with your relationship, you can write Kellie a Love Letter any time and she could be addressing your situation and giving you some advice on the morning show.

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