The resident 'Love Expert' is back at it, giving her advice to members of KiddNation that need some help navigating their relationships.

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Today Kellie is helping one young woman who feels like she's punishing her current boyfriend for the things her ex used to do. She's insecure in their relationship and admits to going through his phone several times to see if he's skipping out on her, but finds nothing. How can she hold on to what she has and correct her ways.

A woman who's been married for a year is feeling that whenever she talks with her husband it turns into a big argument that ends up in slammed doors and him leaving for a while and throwing the divorce word around. She has a one year old with another on the way and her parents are ready to buy her a house so she can leave. They're going to counseling but wants to really know what to do.

Another KiddNation member needs some advice on how to approach new people.

Plus, one lady is learning how hard it is to get the guy when she's so closed off.

If you are finding that you're in need of some help navigating your relationship, you can submit your letter to Kellie here.

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