Kellie Rasberry, the self proclaimed 'Love Expert' is in and she's dishing advice out to members of KiddNation that are seeking it for their relationships.

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Before opening any letters this morning, J-Si read a text message that was sent in to the show from a member who turned to Kellie for some advice and Kellie apparently delivered some hard hitting, hard to swallow advice and this member followed up on it. She sent in a text to the show to update them on whats happened since taking Kellie's advice and putting it in to practice.

In today's edition a member of KiddNation is wondering how to handle rejection if they confess their love first. In this case, its young love too.

Another member is trying to figure out how to work on his 'tone' towards his girlfriend. She says he has a tone when he speaks to her but he doesn't do it intentionally and he's trying to figure out how to correct it.

Finally, a member of KiddNation is asking Kellie what she should do about her long distance relationship. After being burned from a previous long distance relationship, she's wondering if she should move forward with this new one she's formed with a co-worker from another state.

Kellie gives her advice to these pretty interesting situations in the audio clip below.
Listen to "Love Letters To Kellie- Scared Of That First Rejection" on Spreaker.

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