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A Lubbock father was gunned down last month after going to pick up his son for a court-ordered scheduled visitation. Now the man responsible may have a new problem on his hands.

Chad Read and his current wife Jennifer Read went to a place of business to meet Read's ex-wife Christina to pick up his younger son. After Christina allegedly refused to reveal the boy's whereabouts, the argument escalated. It was then that Jennifer Read began recording the incident on her cell phone.

A man, identified as Kyle Carruth and Christina's current boyfriend, was outside the business and asked Chad to leave his property. After not complying, Curruth went into the business and returned with a gun.

That's when the situation quickly escalated and resulted in Read lying dead on the front porch of the business after being shot twice by Carruth as seen in the video.

Video of the deadly confrontation was released by Read's widow and has since gone viral. The video below and is graphic in nature.


Jennifer Read has now filed a $50 million wrongful death suit against Carruth and Vitruvian Development LLC as well as a filing to seek custody of her late husbands' children from their mother. She claims that Carruth did not do what he could to de-escalate the situation and instead used a gun - although the video shows no evidence of a physical altercation until a shot was fired.

Fox News reached out to the Lubbock Police Department for further information about the case but had not received anything in return. The only statement released by the Lubbock Police Department to the media so far has been to KCBD television and it reads,

While LPD recognizes there is public interest in this case, there are multiple facets of this on-going investigation that dictate what can and cannot be released to the public, per Texas state law."

A lawyer for Carruth says the shooting of Read was done in self-defense. So far no arrests have been made in this case as investigators are still investigating the case.

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