When you sit down and really think about all the places you've been to, it really adds up.

A co-worker here at the radio station placed a map of the United States up in their office and we were talking yesterday about how many states each of us has visited or driven through to get to our destination. I really surprised myself at just how many of the states I've been through -- half of them!

Of the 25 states I've been through, there are just a few that I've driven through and didn't really spend any time there -- Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Alabama and Delaware. Other than those few states, I've spent some time in pretty much the other 20.

Each of them is unique and offered different experiences, but the one that's most memorable is when I was in Wyoming visiting Yellowstone National Park. Like I said, every other state I've stayed in has something unique -- Arkansas has the hot springs, Maryland has the nation's capitol, Alabama has the World of Coca-Cola, Nevada, well you know, has Vegas baby!

I created a quick map of the U.S. showing all of the states I've visited (they're in light blue) using an interactive map creator I found online.

I'd like to see your map of the states you've visited or been through! Create one and share it in the comment section below and let me know how many states are in your map. The map creator tool is very easy to use. Just click the states and make the state borders black (or any other color) and save it!

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