It’s always fun to poke around and see what kind of amazing real estate is on the market around us. It’s amazing to me how many times we will drive down the same roads and sometimes never even know what the homes look like on those roads. Which is the case for me in this particular home located in Flint, Texas. It’s not very far from my house so I’ve driven by this property dozens of times but never realized that there is a spectacular home behind some of the trees that blanket the road.  

While living in a home like this would be amazing, it’s a little bit bigger than I would ever need or would want to take care of. The home address is 12659 County Road 168 in Flint, Texas. The home itself is stunning, it’s a 2-story Spanish style home that is a total of 8,025 square feet. Yeah, that is a big house, it comes with 4 bedrooms, 4 full baths and 3 half bathrooms. 

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Lots of Great Extras in This Flint House 

Beyond just being absolutely gorgeous, this home comes with lots of extras. There is a nice library, office with a built-in desk, Yoga/workout studio, and a glorious movie room with 6 recliners and a 110” movie screen with a snack bar. 

Plenty of Privacy 

While there might be many people that drive by this home, privacy is not an issue. This home is completely fenced in with a gated entry point. There is a security alarm and surveillance system installed. The current asking price is $2,490,000. Let’s look at all the photos of this place.  

Amazing Spanish Style Home on 27 Acres in Flint, Texas

This fantastic home in Flint, Texas sits on 27-acres, you will love these amazing photos. The current list price is $2,490,000.

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