If you're a gamer and looking for a new place to live, maybe consider moving to Texas! Apparently, the Lone Star state has some of the best cities to live in if you're a gamer!

Texas ranks with some of the best cities for gamers
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The video gaming industry is a fast-growing industry that truly went from small hobby to a ginormous economic sector that generates billions in revenue! And if you contribute to this ever-growing industry and you already live in Texas, you'll be pleased to know that there are several Texas cities that are great for gamers.

The folks over at PrivacyJournal did the research, and after looking at the 100 most populated cities in the United States, they came up with a list of the best cities for gamers, ranking them overall and in several categories. Overall there were 17 factors considered, such as internet quality, availability of video game stores, gaming environment and culture, and study and career opportunities.

Which Texas Cities Are Among the Best for Gamers?

According to PrivacyJournal, six Texas cities came in the top 20. They are:

  • 16. San Antonio
  • 14. Garland
  • 12. Houston
  • 10. Plano
  • 8. Austin
  • 7. Frisco

Of those six, PrivacyJournal says that Austin ranks in higher on the list because of:

excelling in gaming community access and education-career prospects, ranking 4th in these areas.

Other factors that went into the consideration involved the amount of video game stores in the area, gaming conventions or even small-scale organized meetups and video game college programs or a career in game development programs.

Video games
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You can see the entire methodology and sources, including who made number one, here. Either way, you can be sure that if you're in Texas, you're already leveling up; especially if you take a visit to the Video Game Museum.

Video Lovers Will Love the National Videogame Museum in Texas

As a lover of video games, this was definitely a place on my personal bucket list. If you're a fan of the history of video games, then you'll appreciate the National Videogame Museum located in Frisco, Texas.

Gallery Credit: Daniel Paulus

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