Well that was a very short retirement for Madea. After announcing that the he was retiring the iconic character in 2019, mogul Tyler Perry will be bringing her back out of retirement for a new movie coming to Netflix.

According to ScreenRant, Perry has announced that he's bringing the character back for a 12th film titled "A Madea Homecoming" which will be coming to the streaming service sometime next year. He posted a video to his Twitter account where him and "Madea" break the big news.

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

Her last appearance was in the 2019 film "A Madea Family Funeral" and in interviews leading up to the movie, Perry said that he was retiring the character because he didn't want to keep playing Madea and that it was time to "shut it down and move on" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Perry has had previous success with Netflix with his film "Fall From Grace" and he's working on another film called "A Jazzman's Blues" for the streaming giant but after grossing a BILLION at the box office, I guess it wasn't too hard for Perry to change his mind and decide to put the wig and dress back on. Be on the lookout for another Madea movie in 2022.

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