Madison Beer chats with The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show about her new album.

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Producer Nick and Ana had the chance to catch up with Madison Beer and talk to her about her upcoming debut album called Life Support and her latest song 'Baby'. Nick dives in by asking her about the inspiration behind the song and what it took to write it. Madison gives us insight to what makes her feel the most confident. Madison caught Nick and Ana's attention with a tweet she sent telling someone to stop being a jerk that -ish isn't cute. Nick offered to step in and take care of the situation if he needs too.

Being in the spotlight for so long, Madison tells us how she deals with people who are so negative towards her. We find out if she prefers Instagram or Tik Tok and Nick and Ana get some advice on how to take a great selfie. When it comes to fashion, there's one thing that she can't pull off. There's much more to this fun interview. Give it a listen below.

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