Remember that weird guy in 2020 that made headlines all over the nation because he jumped in the massive fish tank at Bass Pro?

It's not every day that Bossier City goes viral. So this story is one that is still fresh in everyone's mind.

A man wanted to go viral and he knew that the huge fish tank at the Bass Pro Shop was his ticket to 15 seconds of fame.

In case you can't recall the viral video check it out below.

You can see the man, with his shoes still on, jumping into the tank for one of the shortest swims in history. He ultimately climbs out of the tank and runs out of the store, he left behind his mask, obviously, he didn't need that where he was going.

We all thought this man would end up in jail or at least be fined.

The manager at Bass Pro told several news outlets that they were far too busy to file charges on the man who jumped into the tank.

Even though the man wasn't charged the water was tested afterward to make sure it was safe for the fish in the tank. How much did that water testing cost? Why wasn't the man responsible for paying it?

Could the lack of consequences be what influences other people to try and go viral?

Recently I have been seeing a lot of videos on TikTok of people claiming they want to avenge Steve Irwin's death. In case you forgot, Steve Irwin died in 2006 after a stingray's barbed venomous tail penetrated his chest.

Jumping in a stingray's habitat is not a good idea at all.

A man in Houston clearly didn't care that there were people around him and he wanted to get in on the jumping in on a Stingray's habitat and decided that the Houston Aquarium was the perfect place to do it.

Check out the video below.

@namesdirtyDowntown Houston Aquarium♬ original sound - namesdirty

We have no idea if the man was apprehended or not or if he is facing any charges. The worry that many people have is that just like the incident at Bass Pro Shop in Bossier, no charges will be filed against this man and more people will be influenced to do these TikTok challenges.


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