Often times when I am faced with something and I am not convinced that I want to go through with it, I ask myself, what is the best possible outcome? With this challenge I am seeing on TikTok the best possible outcome is not ruining your birthday cake. Which means I want nothing to do with this challenge. Many families are making this a new tradition around birthdays, would you ever try the Cake Flip Challenge?

Yep, it's exactly as crazy as it sounds, we're talking about a perfectly delicious birthday cake that everyone could enjoy being thrown into the air by the person celebrating the birthday just to see if they can do it. The whole concept just doesn't make sense to me. Purchasing a birthday cake is often not cheap, so why would you want to take a chance where is it destroyed before anyone can even taste the cake?

It's Not Just Kids Doing This TikTok Challenge

While almost all of these viral challenges online are done by kids, you will see with the videos below that this cake flipping challenge is being done by kids of all ages. I did think it was hilarious in the video below by one lady who has to throw the cake in the air four times before she understands how to make it flip.

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What Ever Happened to the Old Saying "Don't Play With Your Food"

For years growing up my parents always used to say, "don't play with your food." I guess that old saying is out the window because of this new social media challenge. While I don't plan on ever participating in the cake flip challenge I do enjoy seeing others take a turn at flipping their own cake in the air.

You have to see these videos for yourself:

Cake flip compilation...

@thebigdognation20PART 4 #cakeflip #BigDogCakeFlipChallenge #MakingTheCut #GetYourJeansOn #SummerMashup

♬ You Make My Dreams (Come True) - Vital Fire

Kinda made it work...

#cakeflip #cakeflipchallenge #happybirthday #happybirthdaytome

♬ Happy Birthday - Jovanie

Cake flip at college...

@umncrookstonI think we just found our new tradition!! #cakeflipchallenge #cakeflip #cakeflipping #college



Cake flipping isn’t as easy as it looks more to come. #cakeflip #cakeflipchallenge #caketok #tiktoknana #eatyourmistakes

♬ Oh No - Kreepa

New family tradition...

@reenacaplashfirst cake flip was a success @knanavati6

♬ DO A FLIP - Tik Toker

Cake flip fail...

It was scarier than it looks ‍♀️ #cakeflipchallenge #flipchallenge #cakechallenge #bakery #flipcake

♬ DO A FLIP - Tik Toker

Four flips...

@emerlieann#stitch with @thebigdognation20 Challenge accepted #cakeflip #cakeflipchallenge #cakedecorator

♬ original sound - Emerlie Ann Miller

Too many attempts...

The never ending cake flip #cakeflipchallenge #flipthecake

♬ Duel of the Fates ( Star Wars) - Rob Starr & The Hollywood Singers and Orchestra

Slow mo...

@laurahaehlBirthday cake flip challenge #isayhey #birthdaycakeflip

♬ original sound - Laura Haehl

Sitting down...

My Fiancé Trying The Flip Cake Challenge Watch 2 Find Out How It Went #cakeflipchallenge #birthdaycakeflip #funny #foryourpage

♬ original sound - Kristine✨

So, would you ever do the cake flip challenge?

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